Yeah, we’ve shot that.

You’ve come to the right place. Since 1978, It’s been our job to get people off the couch to buy a product or service just like the one you sell. From that time until now, we have shot tens of thousands of images for clients just like yourself.

From Lear jets to diamonds to bloomers to bricks, our first goal is meeting your budget and giving you the very best work for your money. Whether you want a quick documentation, or a Hollywood production, we gotcha covered.

We’re in Louisville Kentucky, not New York, Chicago, or Atlanta, but the only difference you’ll notice in the photography however, is in our cost. If you’ve not been to Louisville, you’ll find it a sophisticated, friendly, and entertaining city. Beautiful locations at a fraction of what you are paying in larger cities, low day rates, and a large talent base are just three of the many reasons to bring your work to Alliance Photography Group. Not to mention we’re fun.

Need space? We’ve got 10,200 square feet of studio, and 5000 square feet of parking.

Need props? We’ve got beds, armadillos, rugs, motorcycles, clothing, roomsets, cats and dogs. Lamps, snowshoes, paintings, toilets, sexy cars, and disco balls. Adobe walls, Christmas trees and pretty people (to name a few).

Need support? We’ve got personal assistants, photographers, stylists, hair and make up artists, kraft services, RV drivers, ranglers, and layout artists.

Need munchies? Louisville is known for a unique and diverse selection of restaurants, not to mention it’s bourbon. We’ve also got a toaster and a microwave.

  • Full time team of imaging specialists and support staff
  • Large production experts.
  • Complete location capabilities and vehicles
  • 10,200 square feet of studio space with drive-in docks
  • Large inventory of in-house props, sets and backgrounds.
  • Digital retouching and pre-press.
  • State of the art Leaf camera systems
  • And, little cameras for little jobs too!